Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lost Without Him-Creative Fiction

            Before I was able to crawl to my knees, one final blow to my head and the room went spinning as I silently asked God for the end to come on my eighteen years of life.
             I met him when I was 16, a junior in high school to be exact. He had me starry-eyed and weak in the knees the first time he asked for my number. Unfortunatley, the moment I handed back the piece of paper with those ten numbers on it, that's when my nightmare began. Cameron wouldn't stop calling, wouldn't stop texting. Soon his high school crush quickly became an obsession, spiraling out of control with every move I made. Not spending time with Cameron was unacceptable and I soon learned that the hard way. I never expected him to follow me on my way to work; but, then again, there were alot of things I never expected from him. The first time he slapped me as I stepped out of my car never felt real to me, just a faded memory pushed out of my mind again and again. There is one memory however, that left its mark. The moon-shaped scars on both my wrists. Constant reminders of the perfect girlfriend I would never be. I begged for him to let go, screamed out in pain while the sight of red was appearing underneath his nails. When Cameron thought I had had enough, he released his grip and told me now I'd always remember how pissed off I could make him. Tears streamed down my face as I silently screamed, for he had taken away the voice I used to have. Weeks went by (dreadfully I might add) and slaps in the face soon turned into punches. I hated myself for making Cameron so upset, so angry. I released a demon inside of him, a demon I knew I could rid from the soul of Cameron. I did everything I could. Cleaned, cooked, and I was constantly buying him jewelry I couldn't afford. I was slowly digging a hole straight into financial debt but, losing my money was much better than losing him. I believed I was nothing without him. Worthless and stupid. I had someone who loved me so much,that he would do anything to keep me from looking elsewhere, even if that meant taking my life. I was staring at the devil everytime I looked into Cameron's eyes, soon realizing his hunger for control was taking him over...and he would do anything to stay in power even if that meant

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